Provision of Workplace Safety, Health & Environmental Practitioners

  • Workplace Safety & Health Officer (WSHO)
  • Workplace Safety & Health Coordinator (WSHC)
  • Workplace Safety & Health Supervisor (WSHS)
  • Environmental Control Officer (ECO)
  • Fire Safety Manager (FSM)
  • Lifting Supervisor
  • Noise Control Officer
  • Scaffold Supervisor
  • Confined Space Safety Assessor
  • Hot Work Safety Assessor
  • Manhole Supervisor

Specialized Services

  • Business Under Surveillance (BUS) Programme Consultancy

    Our Business Surveillance (BUS) Programme Consultancy includes the detailed review of the company’s holistic approach for safety and health across all sites. Documentation review and improvements will be structured to comprehensively detail all processes and field activities against the industry best practices and the current act/ regulations, code of practices, etc. An action plan will be carefully drafted to include all recommendations and subsequent close monitoring and supervision will be implemented to evaluate the conformance and effectiveness.

  • Green & Gracious Programme Consultancy

    We will assist and advice our clients to achieve green & gracious practices through the detailed process of planning, development and successful implementation. Green technology and methods will be recommended for adoption to reduce, reuse and recycle, save energy and reduce water consumption. Gracious efforts will be explored to enhance accessibility, public safety, noise reduction, vibration and improve continuous communication and workforce management.

“Our Managing Director Mr. Alan Loh have assisted our valued client “Koon Seng Construction Pte Ltd” in achieving the Green & Gracious Builder Award “Excellent Category” by BCA during the BCA Awards 2012.”

  • Environmental & Occupational Noise Monitoring Services

Industrial Accident / Incident Investigation Services

Risk Management Consultancy

  • Advice on Risk Assessment Methodology

    Techniques to identify hazards at workplaces, insight as to which work activity is most likely to pose safety and health risks to employees and setup of an effective risk management system.

  • bizSAFE Certification

    With effect from 1st September 2011, all workplaces will be covered under the Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Act. Initially announced in January 2005, the WSH Act was first extended to “factories” on 1st March2006, another 6 sectors on 1st March 2008 and now to all workplaces.

    bizSAFE is a five step approach programme to assist organizations build up and improve their workplace, safety and health capabilities. This programme is administered by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC).

    As an Approved Risk Consultant (ARC) and recognized bizSAFE Service Provider, 3S can assist organizations in the bizSAFE journey by building up their WSH capabilities and achieving significant improvements in safety and health standards at their workplace and in compliance to government regulation and legislations.

Workplace Safety & Health Audits

  • bizSAFE Certification
  • Workplace Safety & Health Council Risk Management Assistance Fund (RMAF)
  • Ministry of Manpower Overtime Exemption
  • Annual Workplace Safety & Health Performance Award
  • Meeting Statutory Requirements for all industries

OHSE Management Systems

  • Develop and Review OHSAS 18001
  • Develop and Review SS 506
  • Develop and Review ISO 14001
  • Develop and Review OHSAS 9001
  • Formulation and Implementation of Safety Management System Manual (SMS)

Fall Prevention Plan

  • Development and Implementation

Workplace Safety & Health Training & Promotion